As an environmentally responsible business, the National Chemical Group is committed to minimizing the impact of production on the environment as well as the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources

NChG operates in strict compliance with all the regulations in the sphere of environmental protection and takes an active part in various initiatives aimed at preserving the integrity of nature in production areas.

The NChG Environmental Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Use of the latest and most effective environmentally friendly technologies, equipment and materials to mitigate the influence on the environment
  • Multilevel control at all production stages
  • Monitoring of water condition and atmospheric air condition in the vicinity of production facilities
  • Sustainable natural resource consumption
  • Measures to neutralize the harmful by-products of the production process
  • Involvement of every employee in the implementation of the corporate Environmental Management System

In 2009, the new corporate Environmental Management System (EMS) was developed in compliance with international standard ISO 14000. In 2010, EMS was actively implemented within the main NChG production site OJSC Minudobrenia. The adoption of EMS was a huge step toward NChG becoming a "greener" company.

In June 2011, the international certification authorities of TUV Thuringen e.V. issued a certificate of compliance with international standard ISO 14001:2004 with regard to the Environmental Management System of OJSC Minudobrenia.

The strict observation of these EMS processes on the production site has led to the decrease of gross emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere, as well as the reduction of river water consumption for industrial needs. A new electrodialysis-technology-based water treatment system has also been put into operation and has resulted in substantial improvements to the water purification and recycling process.

The Groups investment policy for environmental protection has one purpose: to reduce the environmental impact of NChG by operating in compliance with high standards of ecological safety.

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