In order to create the leading gas chemical company in Russia, NChG has developed a balanced strategy based on core principles Ė efficiency, growth and access to end-customers

Growth and Development

  • Expand the Groupís production capacities Ė execution of attractive greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Embrace M&A opportunities Ė acquisition of synergistic assets

Operational Excellence

  • Ensure sustainable operating efficiency
  • Optimize production costs Ė raw materials and labour efficiency

International Distribution Network

  • Enhance the Groupís leadership positioning within the fertilizer markets of Europe, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia

International Corporate Governance Principles

  • Increase the transparency and disclosure of the Groupís business activities
  • Strengthen risk management systems

Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Maintain the Groupís status as a socially-oriented employer ensuring labour safety and employee development
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the Groupís business activities

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